Rocky Mountain Long Ears Association

TRAIL CHALLENGE - Open to ALL Equines - July 23 & 24 !!!!

We want to notify you all about the upcoming AQHA Trail Challenge at Sandy Clayton's place in Kiowa.  It is open to AQHA Competitions and "ALL Other Equines". We would like to see a bunch of mules show up to show the horses how it is done.

 This event is new to Colorado. It is NOT an EXCA event.  No racing--just fun horsemanship.  Judged on horsemanship, completion, and how you handle the obstacle.  There are three riding categories

  • Training level - New to horses
  • Intermediate---regular horse riders
  • Masters---trainers or advanced riders 

  • LEAD Line---those not ready to ride

There are two events---one on Saturday and one on Sunday ---- not comprehensive.  Each day has separate obstacles.  

Come join us and show off your mule!!                                                          Click here for copy of Registration Form