Rocky Mountain Long Ears Association

PRESIDENT                               Lucie Wisehart             970 397-6088

I started riding as a child with equitation and hunter/jumpers in Germantown Tennessee on a OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred),  which lasted through my High School years. I was later introduced to mules, donkeys and a mini  by my husband , Larry.  As a backyard enthusiast I have enjoyed my time with the mules absorbing various lessons to be learned from their unique personalities. Our mules have been used for riding, packing during hunting trips, and occasionally in the show arena.  They  are versatile companions.

VICE-PRESIDENT                       Pat Foster                   720 272-1805

Pat has been a member of RMLEA for several years – (she says, “maybe six?”) When Pat joined the club, she owned a miniature donkey. After becoming more involved with RMLEA she decided that she really wanted a riding mule to do trail rides, clinics, shows, etc. with the other members of the club. She purchased her molly, Ginger, four years ago, and thinks that she is the best little mule she could ever ask for. Pat says, “There have been just a few little bumps in our trails getting to know each other, but who doesn’t have a few bumps? I would not trade her for the world”..

TREASURER                                        Annie Colvin             

I'm a Brit who came to the States 20 years ago, loved it here and became a citizen.  Once I was in cowboy country I figured it was "now or never" if I was ever going to learn to horseback ride.  I dreamed of riding and camping up in the mountains.  Then I heard about  mules: "more sure footed than a horse, less spooky and more robust, and they are all characters!"  Well, that was it!  I knew that a mule was in my destiny.  I met Zelda 6 yrs ago on a Brad Cameron clinic in the Flattops Wilderness area.  I'd borrowed her for the clinic.  We rode up and down steep mountains and across rivers and she was absolutely brilliant!  She's been my trusty trail partner ever since.   We love riding the trails with other mules (and horses too) and really enjoy the company and learning we gain from other mule lovers.  That's why I like to be a part of RMLEA - to promote the wonderful attributes of the mule, to continue to benefit from the all the great and experienced people in the club, and, not least, to have fun with my mule!

SECRETARY / EDITOR                       Fran Howe             303 644-3506

Both myself and my husband Larry, aka Bitterroot Mule Company of Bennett, CO are dedicated to the positive promotion of the mule and donkey.  I ride and drive the many mules that we own and enjoy showing the mules, trail riding and most driving activities.  I have shown my mule "Spider" in most venues including Three Day Eventing where Spider represented the mules in dressage and cross country jumping.  I have been involved with mules and donkeys for over 25 years.  Having recently retired I hope to spend more time with my long ears.