The Rocky Mountain Long Ears Association was founded in  

  1970.  Following a Fun Day for mules and donkeys, hosted by Larry
  and Ruth Jarret, an enthusiastic bunch decided to form a club, the  
  "RMLEA", to promote and preserve the long eared equine. Today
  there are over 80 members doing everything with their long ears from
  trail riding to show driving. Our members participate in trail rides,
  BBQ's, mule and donkey shows, fund raising rides and drives,
  play-days, and parades. The one thing we all have in common is that
  we love our mules and donkeys, as did the founding members of the


  We welcome interest in our club and our long eared friends. Please
  join us for meetings the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.
  (Holidays excepted) at the
Double Tree Restaurant, Platteville, CO.
  (For directions contact one of our officers), or show up at an event
  and remember..........


  JOIN us to find out what you're missing!
  For more information feel free to contact us. Click 
HERE  for

  RMLEA Officer contact information.

Welcome to all people who share an interest in Mules & Donkeys

        Rocky Mountain Long Ears Association

Contact Us:
            Rocky Mountain Long Ears Association
            489 Tom Bay Road
            Bennett, CO 80102

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